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The 5-Step Roofing Process Most modern roofing contractors take the same approach to any given roofing project. This approach is […]
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When you experience minor leaks with the first rains of the season, or, even worse, you suffer major damage from a severe storm - you need a proven, professional roofing contracting firm you can trust. You need a company who will give sound advice, transparent explanations, and deliver solid results. While it may be difficult to judge the capabilities of a roofing contracting firm by first impressions, this helpful article should assist you in finding the roofing company that’s right for you.
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The recent cold weather across the nation has once again brought the importance of rooftop snow removal into the public consciousness. It’s easy to forget about your roof on a cold, wintry day. It’s out there, in the cold, doing what it’s supposed to do, but without your help, it may not be in good shape for very long. Cold weather and snow can have some seriously negative effects on the one thing standing between you and the elements - your roof.
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As the owner of a property - be it residential, commercial, governmental, institutional, or industrial - you have a responsibility to maintain and repair the structure whenever occasion demands. These steps can be proactive, in the case of a maintenance program, or reactive as would be expected when a roof collapses. No matter how your roof was damaged, you’re currently in need of a professional opinion and that opinion could end up costing far more than you want to pay. It all depends on whether you need a repair or replacement.
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