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Built-Up Roofing Systems

Chicago Roofing Solutions – Built-Up Roof Systems

Chicago Roofing Solutions has a 20 year history of meeting the varied roofing needs of the industrial, multiunit residential, commercial, governmental, and institutional entities throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. One of our specializations is the construction, repair, and maintenance of Built-Up roofing systems on low-slope rooftops throughout our extensive service area. We have the necessary experience and understanding of these systems and their characteristics to know what to look for during inspections and what to recommend during consultations. We have the Chicago Built-Up Roofing Solution for you, and all of our work is 100% guaranteed.

What is Built-Up Roofing (BUR)?

Built-Up Roofing is one of the oldest roofing methods still currently in use throughout the world. For more than 120 years, built-up roofs have been protecting the interiors and maintaining the integrity of low-slope rooftop buildings. Why? Because the concept is undeniably sound, and while modernization in terms of materials has occurred, the steps for successful installation are very much as they’ve been for a century and more. Built-Up roofing systems consist of layers of material such as felt, mat, or fabric that are saturated with bitumen, coal tar pitch, or asphalt. This building up of waterproofing gives these systems the weatherproofing and temperature resistance important to all roofing, but with the advantage of being less expensive.

Built-Up Roofing System Inspections & Consultations

As a courtesy to potential customers and current clients alike, Chicago Roofing Solutions offers 100% free consultations and inspections in order to properly diagnose the best next steps which will protect the customer from further damage and expense. If the best option is a new built-up roof, that’s exactly what we’ll recommend, but if repairs are enough to remedy your issue then that’s what you’ll get. We service any size industrial, multiunit residential, commercial, governmental, or institutional property in the Greater Chicago area – from Joliet to Barrington and all points in between. Call today for your built-up roofing inspection and consultation, and get honest, straightforward solutions at a competitive price.

Built-Up Roofing System Construction

Chicago Roofing Solutions has been installing built-up roof systems for more than 20 years and thousands upon thousands of square feet. Our crews have the necessary skill and experience with the required tools and equipment, materials and techniques, and maintain full licensing and insurance for your peace of mind. They’ll begin by applying the materials agreed upon during consultation, one layer at a time, and use the appropriate bonding material to ensure waterproofing and durability. A “tar & gravel” roof may not sound that advanced, but Chicago area industrial, multiunit residential, commercial, governmental, and institutional clients know it’s better to call on the professionals at Chicago Roofing Solutions than take a chance with anyone else. Our resources and experience get the job done where others can’t, while our satisfaction guarantee ensures it stays that way.

Built-Up Roofing System Repairs

One of the best ways to protect your built-up roofing system is through a proactive program of roof maintenance performed by the expert technicians at Chicago Roofing Solutions. But, if you haven’t had the chance to start a maintenance program, and your property has suffered damage, then call us immediately for a detailed inspection and estimate free of charge. Once our estimate is accepted, we’ll get right to work with the proper tools and materials required to get your built-up roof repair done quickly and correctly. All of our work is guaranteed to meet our exacting standards and be performed with our exceptional customer service and minimal intrusion, so rest assured, when you call us you’re calling the right firm.

Chicago Roofing Solutions – Built-Up Roofing Experts

As a family-owned and operated built-up roofing specialist with a track record of satisfied clients spanning 20 years, Chicago Roofing Solutions is what you want in a service provider – professional, prompt, and guaranteed to please. When your industrial, multiunit residential, commercial, governmental, or institutional structure is in need of help, call the Built-Up Roofing experts at Chicago Roofing Solutions.

Chicago Roofing Solutions’ Other Systems:

If you’re in Chicago or the surrounding communities, and have roofing needs of any kind, from emergency roof leaks to new roof installations, there’s only one name you need to know – Chicago Roofing Solutions. Our 20+ years of experience and 100% satisfaction guarantee make us the company to trust for all of your residential, commercial, governmental, and institutional roofing projects. Call (312) 588-6969, use our contact form, or send an email to learn more about our products and services.

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