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Chicago Roofing Solutions – TPO & PVC Roofing

For over 20 years, Chicago Roofing Solutions has offered industrial, multiunit residential, commercial, governmental, and institutional customers in Chicago and the surrounding communities the very best TPO & PVC roofing options. Our technicians are highly-trained and always motivated to do offer only the finest workmanship found anywhere in the region. In fact, our crews are capable of handling any roofing need – no matter the complexity or scale. We use only the best materials, tools, and equipment, along with finely-developed practices, to ensure you get the best results money can buy – guaranteed.


What Are TPO & PVC Roofing Panel Systems?

TPO, or Thermoplastic Polyolefin, and PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, are both made up of a synthetic substance specifically designed to soften when heated and harden when cooled. TPO roofing is a single-ply system normally installed using one of three distinct methods. PVC roofing offers a wide selection of choices including panels that can be attached in additional ways. Both systems use heat to seal the seams between the panels or sheets, and offer excellent waterproofing and protection from abusive conditions.


A Few Advantages of TPO & PVC Roofing:

  • White in color and designed to be highly reflective aiding the overall energy efficiency of the structure.
  • Highly resistant to UV light and a wide array of chemicals.
  • Reinforced with scrim making them extremely resistant to tearing and puncturing.
  • Welded together using hot air and exhibit significant seam strength.
  • Excel as 2nd generation roof-over applications due to their light weight.


TPO & PVC Roof System Inspections, Repairs, Installations & Replacements

A TPO or PVC roof can only be expected to last as long as the seams hold, and the seams lifespan is directly related to the skill of the installer. This type of roofing system is not for the inexperienced or amateur contractor to handle. You want a seasoned professional to handle everything when working with TPO and PVC roofing systems. Otherwise, you could end up with serious issues in what amounts to the blink of an eye compared to other roofing options. Our expert crews will perform a detailed inspection before offering our recommendation. We also always offer our proactive roof maintenance program to every TPO and PVC roofing system client. Why? Routine maintenance and minor repair work can save thousands and thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your structure, and can catch any minor issue long before it becomes a real problem. Our installation process is efficient and all of our crews are fully licensed and insured. TPO and PVC roof systems are typically installed in one of three methods and provide a lightweight, cost-effective solution:

  • Mechanically attached– The roof membrane is affixed to the structural deck with mechanical
  • Fully adhered– The membrane is bonded directly to the affixed insulation board or other roofing membrane substrate.
  • Point-affixed– Ideal for retrofit installation over metal applications, plates are installed at set intervals and the roof membrane is welded directly to the plates.

Chicago Roofing Solutions – TPO & PVC Experts

Contact Chicago Roofing Solutions today to see if a TPO or PVC roofing system is right for your industrial, multiunit residential, commercial, governmental, or institutional property. We will gladly schedule a free inspection of your structure, a free estimate for our recommended service, and a through consultation to identify any possible pain-points of whatever service is required. Our experience has proven that identifying and planning for all eventualities allows us to better serve our customers, and ensure their roofing work is done with a minimum of intrusion to their everyday business. It’s just another part of our “above & beyond” approach to customer service.

Chicago Roofing Solutions’ Other Systems:

If you’re in Chicago or the surrounding communities, and have roofing needs of any kind, from emergency roof leaks to new roof installations, there’s only one name you need to know – Chicago Roofing Solutions. Our 20+ years of experience and 100% satisfaction guarantee make us the company to trust for all of your residential, commercial, governmental, and institutional roofing projects. Call (312) 588-6969, use our contact form, or send an email to learn more about our products and services.

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